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Abbott Medical Electronics American Scale Corp.
Abiomed, Inc. American Scientific Products
Acoma Medical Imaging Amersham Searle
Accucore Ames
Acuson Corp. Amsco
Accustat, Inc. Anatros Corp.
Accutub Corp. AND
Acme Medical Scales Antek Medical
Adaptive Communication Systems Apex Dynamics, Inc.
Advanced Medical Systems Applied Biotech Products
Advanced Test Products Arjo-Century Inc.
Advanced Technology Labs, Inc. Armstrong Medical Ind.
Aequitron Medical, Inc. Arrow International, Inc.
Aerogen Instruments Inc. Artromick International
Aeros Instruments, Inc. Arvee Medical, Inc.
Aesculap, Inc. Aspect Medical Systems
Airborne Life Support Systems, Inc. Aspen Labs, Inc.
Airsep Corporation Astro Med, Inc.
Air Shields - Vickers Autogenic Systems, Inc.
Alaris Medical Systems, Inc. Automatic Peripheral Inc.
Albury Instruments Ltd. Autotrol Corp.
Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Avco Medical Products
Alcon Surgical Avery Labs
Allegheny International A V I
Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. AVL Scientific Corp.
A-MED Systems, Inc. Axon Systems, Inc.
Ambu, Inc.  
Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.  
American Edwards Labs  

B Braun Medical, Inc. Biomedical Design
Bapco Biomedical Systems Corp.
Bard Medsystems Bio-Medicus, Inc.
Basic Measuring Instruments Bio-Scan, Inc.
Baxter Travenol Biosearch Medical Products
BCI, Inc. Bio-Tek Instruments
Bear Medical Systems Bird Products Corp.
Befour Birtcher Corp.
Belmont Instrument Corp. Boehringer Mannheim Corp.
Bennett X-Ray Technologies Bosch, Robert Corp.
Bently Laboratories, Inc. Braegen
BHM Medical Inc. Brentwood Instruments, Inc.
B F W  Brinkman Instruments, Inc.
Biodesign, Inc. Brookline
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. Brown And Sharpe
Bio Hit Burdick Corp.
Bio-Logic Devices, Inc. Burke, Inc.
Bio-Logic Systems Corp Burron Medical, Inc.
Bio-Med Devices, Inc. Burton Medical Products

Cambridge Med Instruments Clinical Data Instruments
Camino Laboratories, Inc. Clinical Dynamics Corp.
Canberra Industries, Inc. CNS, Inc.
Canon Medical Systems Codman & Shurtleff Inc.
Cardiac Care Units, Inc. Coherent Medical Group
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. Cole-Parmer Instruments Co.
Cardiac Science Colin Medical Instruments
Cardioline Inc. Compumedics USA LTD
Cardionics, Inc. Continental Corp.
Cardionostics Cordis Corp.
Cardio Dynamics Corometrics Medical Systems
Cardio Services Corpak, Inc.
Cardio-Stat Cortronix
Care Systems Inc. Creative Biomedics
CAS Medical Systems Criticare Systems, Inc.
Castle Co. Critikon, Inc.
Catalyst Research Cuesta System Corp.
CGR Medical Corp. Current Medical Technologies
Chatillon / Force Cutter Medical
Ciba-Corning Diagnostics CV Monitor
Clary Corp. CYBEX
Clay Adams CYBORG

Dada Berhing, Inc. DHD/Diemolding Healthcare
Dallans Diagnostic Ultrasound Corp.
Dallas Instruments Dictaphone Corp.
Damon Corp. Digitron Scales
Data Precision Dittmar
Datascope Corp DNI Nevada, Inc.
Datex-Ohmeda Draeger Medical, Inc.
Davicon, Inc. Dranetz Technologies, Inc.
Davol, Inc. Drustar, Inc.
De Hokanson Inc. Dukane Corp.
Delfi Medical Innovations, Inc. Dupont Medical Products
Del Mar Medical Systems Dura Pharmaceuticals Co.
Dentsply Caulk Dymax Corp.
De Puy, Inc. Dyna Feed
Detecto Scale Dyonics, Inc.
Devilbiss Health Care, Inc.  

Eckstein Brothers Epcom Medical / EMS Medical
Edentec Corp. Epic Systems
Electro-Med Health Ind. Ericsson, Inc.
Electromedics Inc. Ergotron, Inc
Elmed Instrument Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.
Emergent Technology Corp. Executone Information
Enerac Exergen Corp.
EP Medsystems, Inc. Exogen, Inc.


Fairfield Medical Products Foregger Medical
FERNO-ILLE Foxboro Co.
Fiberoptic Medical Products Fukuda Denshi
Fisher Scientific Group, Inc. Futuremed America, Inc.
Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc.  


Gambro-Engstrom Gould, Inc.
General Devices Graham-Field, Inc.
General Electric Grams Medical
General Medical Ind. Grason Stadler, Inc.
General Scanning, Inc. Grieshaber & Company
Given Imaging, Inc. Guardian / Sunrise Medical
Good-Lite Co. Gyneco, Inc.
Gordon Instruments  


Hall Surgical Hellige, Inc.
Hamilton Industries Hemocue, Inc.
Hamilton Medical, Inc. Hemodynamics
Harvard Clinical Technology Henley International
Hausted, Inc. Hewlett Packard
Healthdyne Technologies Hill-Rom, Co., Inc.
Health-O-Meter, Inc. Hollister, Inc.
Healthtek, Inc. Holter
Heart Mate Hospitak, Inc.
Heine USA Ltd. Hudson Ventilator
Helena Laboratories Corp. Humphrey Systems

IL. Med, Inc. International Acoustics
Imed Corp. International Technidyne
Imesco Interstate Electronics
Imex Medical Systems Invacare Corp.
Impact Medical Corp. Invivo Research, Inc.
Infrasonics, Inc. I S L
Innerspace / Datel Corp Ivac Corp.
Instromedix, Inc. Ivion Corp.
Instrumentation Laboratory Ivy Biomedical Systems
Intelligent Medical Systems  

J C Emerson Jones Medical Instruments
Jeron Electronic Systems JOSTRA, Inc.
Jewett Refrigerator Co., Inc.  


Keithley Instruments, Inc. Kodak
Keller Medical Specialties Kontron Instruments
Kelvinator Scientific Krown Research, Inc.
Kinetic Concepts, Inc.  

Ladd Medical Lifecare International, Inc.
Laerdal Medical Corp. Lifeline Systems, Inc.
Lanier Worldwide Lifescan, Inc.
Laser Engineering, Inc. Liko, Inc.
Leo Diagnostics Lionville Systems, Inc.
Life Fitness LORAD Medical Systems
Life Science Instrumentation LSE Medical Products, Inc.
Life Sensing Instrument Co. Lumiscope Co., Inc.
Life Support Equipment Corp. Luxtec
Life-Tech, Inc.  

3M Healthcare Medical Technology Products
Machelett Medi-Man Rehab Products
Mansfield Cardiac Assist Medimex Inc.
Marcal Medical, Inc. MED RAD, Inc.
Marco Ophthalmic Medtek Corp.
Marquest Medical Products Medtronic, Inc.
Marquette Electronics Mennen Medical, Inc.
Masimo Corp. Mentor Corp.
Mastercare Patient Equipment, Inc. Mesa Medical
Matrx Medical, Inc. Meyer Equipment Co., Inc.
McGaw, Inc. Microaire Surgical Instruments
MDI Micro Cor, Inc.
Medasonics, Inc. Micro Medical Ltd.
Medela Suction USA MIDMARK Corp.
Medex / Medfusion Miles, Inc.
Medfusion, Inc. Milwaukee
Medical Data Electronics Minimed, Inc.
Medical Devices, Inc. Mira, Inc.
Medical Engineering Corp. Mobilizer Medical Products
Medical Industries America, Inc. Monaghan Medical Corp.
Medical Lab Automation Monitrex
Medical Products Mortara Instruments
Medical Science Mountain Medical
Medical Systems Intl. Corp. MRL


Napcor Nidek, Inc.
National Hospital Specialties Nihon Kohden
Natus Medical, Inc. Nivec
Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Inc. Nonin Medical, Inc.
Neomed Co., Inc. Norelco
Neuro Technology, Inc. North American Draeger
Newport Medical Novametrix Medical Systems
Nicolet Biomedical  


O'Brien / KMI Omron Healthcare, Inc.
OEC-Diasonics, Inc. Ophir Optronics, Inc.
Ohmeda Optical Micro System, Inc.
Olympic Medical Corp. Orange Medical Instruments
Olympus America, Inc. Organon Teknika Corp.
Omni Orion Research Inc.
Omni-Graph Otto Bock Orthopedic Ind.
OMNIMED, Inc. Oxford Medical


Pace Tech, Inc. Picker International
Pacetronics Pioneer Medical Systems
Palco Laboratories Polystan North America, Inc.
Pancretec, Inc. PPG Biomedical Systems
Parallel Data Systems Precision Medical, Inc.
Paramont Fitness Corp. Precision Radiation Measure
Parks Electronics Labs Prestige Line
Patient Technology, Inc. Professional Instruments Co.
Penlon, Inc. Progressive Electronics
Perry Baromedical Corp. Propper Manufacturing Co.
Perry Meter Systems Protocol Systems, Inc.
Pharmacia Deltec, Inc. PTI
Philips Medical Systems Puffer Hubbard
Philips Medical Systems Cardiac & Monitoring Pulmonetics
Physio-Control Puritan Bennett Corp.


Qmed, Inc. Quinton
Quest Medical, Inc.  


Racal Health & Safety Respiratory Support Products
Radcal Corp Revco Scientific
Radiation Measurements, Inc. Richards Medical Co.
Radiometer America Rico Suction Labs.
Radionics, Inc. RN+/TACTILITICS, Inc.
RAE Systems Robertshaw Controls
Rainin Instruments Co. Roche Diagnostics
Rauland-Borg Corp. Roman Labs, Inc.
Raytheon Medical Systems Romet
Remco Italia Ross Products
Renal Systems RS Medical
Resound Rustronics
Respironics, Inc.  


Sabratek Corp. Sonicaid Medical
SAKURA FINETEK USA, Inc. Sono Site, Inc.
Sandoz Clinical Products Sontek Medical, Inc.
Sanica Gesm.B.H Sorenson Research
Sartorius Corp. Spacelabs Medical, Inc.
Scale-Tronics, Inc. Spirometrics Medical Equipment
Schiller America S R Instruments, Inc.
Schuco, Inc. SSCOR, Inc.
Sebra Stackhouse, Inc.
SECA Corp. Stand Aid of Iowa
Sense-O-Matic Staodyn, Inc.
Sensormedics Corp. Stereo Optical, Co.
Sentec Steris Corp.
Sintinel Monitoring Sterling Medical
Seratron Stierlen-Maquet
Shandon Lipshaw Stimtech Products
Sherwood Medical Co. Strato Medical Corp.
Shimadzu Medical Systems Stryker
Siemens Medical Systems Sunrise Medical Corp.
SIGMA, Inc. Superior Healthcare
Silogic Design Surgidyne
Simed Corp. Surgikis, Inc.
Simonson-Weel Survival Instruments
Simpson Electric Co. Survival Technologies
Site Microsurgical Systems Survivalink Corp.
Skanor, Inc. Sutter Corp.
SKC, Inc. Sybron-Thermolyne Corp.
Skytron Division / KMW Group Sylvan Corp.
Sola Symbol Technologies, Inc.
Somonetics Corp.  

Tektronix Timeter Instruments
Telemed Titronic Medical Inc.
Thera Sense, Inc. Toitu Co., Ltd.
Thermo Electron Corp. Toledo Scale, Inc.
Thompson Trimed Corp.
Thoratec Laboratories, Corp.  


UE Systems, Inc. Universal Medical Products
United Surgical Corp.  


Vacumed Vitalcom
Valhalla Scientific Medical Victoreen, Inc.
VanCare, Inc. Vista Environmental
Varian Medical Systems Vital Metrics, Inc.
Varidyne Vitalograph, Inc.
Verikon Vitalog Monitoring, Inc.
Versamed, Inc. Vivadent USA
Versus Technology, Inc.  


Wahl Welch-Allyn
Wakeling Medical Wescom Products, Inc.
Wampole Laboratories Wescor, Inc.
Ware Medical Diagnostic World Precision Instruments
Waters Instruments WR Medical


XI Tec, Inc. Zevex International, Inc.
Xomed Surgical Products Zoll Medical Corp.



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