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Medical Battery Packs

Novametrix Medical Systems

Cosmos ET CO2 Monitor B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah
Oxy Plus B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah
PTO2 PTCO2 Monitor B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah
Tidal Wave Monitor B11144 7.2V 3.5Ah
500, 500A Pulse Oximeter B10288 4.8V 4.3Ah SOCWH
500B Pulse Oximeter B10851 6.0V 3.0Ah
505, 515, 515A, 520A Pulse Oximeter B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah
505, 515, 515A, 520A Memory Back-Up B00895 3.0V 0.19Ah
610 CO2 Monitor B11195 7.2V 3.8ah
807, 811 Trans Oxygen Monitor B00902 6.0V 1.2Ah
809, 809A, 810, 810A Monitor B00922-2 12.0V 5.0Ah
840 Transcut O2/CO2 Monitor B00317 12.0V 2.3Ah
903 ECG and  Apnea Monitor B00922-2 12.0V 5.0Ah
1200, 1260 CO2 Monitor B00922-2 12.0V 5.0Ah
1265 Monitor B00317 12.0V 2.3Ah
2001 Pulse Oximeter B00317 12.0V 2.3Ah
5001 Pulse Oximeter B10113 4.8V 4.3Ah
7000 CO2 Monitor B00922-2 12.0V 5.0Ah
7100 CO2 Monitor B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah


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