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Medical Battery Packs

Hill-Rom, Co., Inc.

HILL-ROM CO INC              
Active Care DVT System  503-A-0001-01 B11350 7.2V 1.8Ah NiMH Rebuild  
Affinity III Bed   B00924-1 12.0V 7.2Ah Lead Acid 2/Unit  
Criticare Bed Scale   B00903-2 12.0V 3.8Ah Lead Acid    
Century CC Scale-Pack    B01005 6.0V 2.5Ah Lead Acid    
Century CC Scale-Block   B00938 6.0V 2.8Ah Lead Acid    
Nurse Call   B01664 3.0V 0.56Ah Li/SO2Cl2    
TotalCare Bed   B00924-1 12.0V 7.2Ah Lead Acid    
TotalCare Bed - Intellidrive   B01094 12.0V 13.0Ah Lead Acid 2/Unit  
VersaCare Bed   B00621 12.0V 12.0Ah Lead Acid 2/Unit  

Note: Rebuild means you need to send in your old pack for processing.

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