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Medical Battery Packs

Burdick Corp.

BURDICK INC               
Atria 3000, 3100, 6100 ECG  146-0126-00 B11398 14.4V 1.5Ah NiMH    
E500, E600, E350I EKG Machine-Memory Back-up   B10712 3.0V 1.2Ah Li/MnO2    
E500, E600 EKG Monitor   B10378 9.6V 0.6Ah NiCad    
E550 EKG Monitor   B10818 12.0V 2.8Ah Lead Acid    
E560 EKG Monitor   B10888 24.0V 1.3Ah Lead Acid    
E560 Memory Back-up   B10712 3.0V 1.2Ah Li/MnO2    
Eclipse 4, 400  862988 B11193 16.8V 0.7Ah NiCad    
Eclipse 8, 800   B11069 16.8V 1.3Ah NiCad    
Eclipse 850  863696 B11193 16.8V 0.7Ah NiCad    
Eclipse LE - Memory   B00878 3.0V 1.2Ah Li/(CF)x    
Eclipse LEII   B11272 16.8V 0.7Ah NiCad    
Eclipse LEII-Memory   B01664 3.0V 0.56Ah Li/SO2Cl2    
Eclipse Plus   B11070 16.8V 2.5Ah NiCad    
BURDICK INC (Cont)              
Eclipse Plus  146-0100-00 B11270 16.8V 5.0Ah NiCad    
Elite EK10, Elite II EKG 862278 B10352 12.0V 1.6Ah NiCad    
Medic 4  Monitor/Defibrillator   B10215 24.0V 2.5Ah Lead Acid    
Medic 5  Monitor/Defibrillator   B11038 24.0V 2.0Ah Lead Acid    
Medic 6   B11267 12.0V 1.5Ah NiCad Rebuild  
Medi Log 6000 Arrhythmia   B00800-1 1.5V Alk-AA Alkaline    


Note: "Rebuild" means you need to send in your battery for re-packing with new cells.

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