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Medical Battery Packs


Air Vac Transport B00930 12.0V 26.0Ah
Anesthesia B00935 4.0V 4.5Ah 2/ unit
BIOX IVA Pulse Oximeter B01049 8.0V 2.5Ah
BIOX 3740 Pulse Oximeter B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah
Care Plus Incubator B00116 7.2V 0.15Ah
ECG Monitor 3093201-300 to 30932505-300 B10698 12.0V 2.0Ah
Giraffe Incubator 6651-0007-901 B00108 8.4V 0.15Ah
I-NO Vent B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah
Modulus 2 Alarm B00116 7.2V 0.15Ah
Modulus 2 Plus B00914 6.0V 10.0Ah 2/Unit
Modulus Central Display - CPU Board B01738 3.6V 1.9Ah
Modulus Central Display-Memory B11115 3.9V 1.0Ah
Modulus Central Display P/N 1202-3834-000 B11211 48.0V 7.5Ah
Series 37 Printer B00902 6.0V 1.2Ah
SP 1445 Continuous Cardiac Output Computer-Battery SP 1202 B11010 7.2V 4.5Ah
Transport Isolette B00251 6.0V 36.0Ah 2/Unit
41 Degree Isolation Incubator B00108 8.4V 0.12Ah
66, 6600 Care Plus Incubator B00116 7.2V 0.15Ah
116, 126 Pulse Oximeter B01049 8.0V 2.5Ah
201, 401 Oxymonitor B01203 4.5V Alk
1000 Auxiliary Power Supply B00934 12.0V 33.0Ah 2/Unit
1400, 1401 ECG Monitor B10698 12.0V 2.0Ah
2350 Finapres Pulse Oximeter B10900 8.0V 4.5Ah
3000 Aestiva Pulse Oximeter B11124 12.0V 2.9Ah
3000, 3300, 3500 Infant Warmer B00116 7.2V 0.12Ah
3700 Series Printer B00902 6.0V 1.2Ah
3700, 3710 Oximeter B01049 8.0V 2.5Ah
3740, 3760 Oximeter B00919 12.0V 2.6Ah
3770, 3775 Pulse Oximeter B10838 9.6V 1.4Ah Insert
3800, 3900 Pulse Oximeter B11122 8.0V 3.0Ah
4300 Infant Warmer B00108 8.4V 0.12Ah
4700 Oxycap B10917 12.0V 2.5Ah
5000 Infant Warmer B00116 7.2V 0.15Ah
5120 MRI B00568 3.9V 7.0Ah
5250 RGM Monitor B01813 3.0V 0.54Ah
5400, 5410, 5420, 6800 Volume Monitor B10340 4.8V 1.6Ah
5500 Airway Monitor B10595 7.2V 0.27Ah
5800 Thermometer B10340 4.8V 1.6Ah
7000 Ventilator B00116 7.2V 0.15Ah
7800 Ventilator B10788 4.8V 1.6Ah
7900 Ventilator B11102 12.0V 2.6Ah
9000 Syringe Pump B00902 6.0V 1.2Ah


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