Bearcom Replacement Premium Communications Batteries

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For Business and Public Safety

(LMR Battery Technology)


This list updated 11/02/2023

These Premium packs are shipped from our USA facility and custom manufactured for us by Multiplier Industries, LLC.

Tired of bad fit and dismal performance? Specify these Premium Packs!

Warranty information at the bottom of the page.

What's the best Battery?

Look for a Li-Po, Lithium Polymer, those are the Best Batteries we have.

No Li-Po, then look for a Li-Ion Battery. Note, to charge Li-Ion or Li-Po, you will need a charger that will charge Li-Ion Batteries.

No Lithium, use a NIMH, No NIMH, use NiCD. Note: NiCd chargers will also charge NIMH.

At This Time, ALL of our Chargers charge NiCD, NIMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po unless otherwise noted.

Also you can purchase our products on Amazon. Any radio battery, Radio Battery Charger & Radio Holsters and Leather. We are adding the links to the listings.

Of Course your Dept. PO is still welcome and we can bid you a qty of any battery or charger. Just E-mail me direct.

Catalogs, Data Sheets & Fliers


Sandown Wireless P/N Replaces OEM P/N Description

List Price

Our Price

Bearcom BC95        
CV106MH-1 FNB-V106 7.2 Volt, 1200 mAh NIMH $62.00 $44.18
Bearcom BC120        
C4063MH PMNN4063AR 7.5V / 1400 mAh / NiMH / clip Photo $76.00 $54.15
CL4063 N/A Battery clip $12.00 $10.00
Bearcom BC130        
C4071MH-1 PMNN4071 7.2V / 1300 mAh / NiMH / clip Photo $49.00 $30.47
C4075LI-1 PMNN4075AR 7.4V / 1700 mAh / Li-Ion / clip $84.00 $42.42
CL4071 N/A Battery clip $12.00 $10.00
Bearcom BC250D        
CV143LI FNB-V143LI 7.4 Volt, 2500 mAh, Li-Ion / IP68 Rated $96.00 $68.40
Bearcom BC1000        
C279LIP BP279 7.2 Volt, 2000 mAh, Li-Po, Belt Clip, IP68 $94.00 $66.98
C279LIXT BP279 7.2 Volt, 2280 mAh, Li-Ion, Belt Clip, IP68 $94.00 $66.98

Charger Accessory Items

Note: Every Make and Model Radio/Battery requires different components.

We must know the Make, Model and Battery P/N in your device in order to quote you for these items.

Some obsolete radios do not have accessories or batteries available any longer.

Please e-mail us for a Quotation.


EC1 Single Cup, 120 VAC, $59.85

(Charger and Power Supply)

EC Charger Video:

User Manual


EC1M Single Cup, 12 VDC, $77.85

(Charger, Mobile Mount Plate and 12VDC Power Cord)

User Manual


EC2 Dual Cup, 120 VAC, $106.20

Mobile Version 12-24 VDC, $192.00

(Charger and Power Supply)

User Manual


EC6 6 Cup, 120 VAC, $375.00

Mobile Version 12-24 VDC, $516.45

(Charger, Power Supply, AC Power Cord)

User Manual


EC6 12 Cup, 120 VAC, $742.50

Mobile Version 12-24 VDC, $856.35

(Charger, Power Supply, AC Power Cord)

User Manual


Single Cup Mobile Mounting Bracket, $24.00

(Supplied with Single Mobile Charger Package)


Dual Cup Mobile Mounting Bracket, $32.00

(Supplied with Dual Mobile Charger Packages)


6 or 12 Cup Mobile Mounting Bracket, $85.00

(Supplied with 6 or 12 Cup Mobile Charger Packages)


Hard Wire Kit for all Models, $26.00

(Optional for the Single or Dual Cup Chargers, Supplied with the 6 or 12 Cup Mobile Models)



DC Power Cord for 1, 2, and 6 Cup Models, $27.00

(Optional for the AC Models, Supplied with single and dual Mobile Chargers)



Replacement Single Charger Cup, $18.00

You Must Specify what the Make. Model and battery P/N is for your radios.


Replacement Dual Charger Cup, $32.00

You Must Specify what the Make. Model and battery P/N is for your radios.


Charger User Manuals (PDF)

EC1    EC2M    EC6M    EC12M


Audio Gear

Call or E-mail for Quotation

ESM-27 Video:

Call or E-Mail for a Quotation


With a well-trained staff and state-of-the-art printing equipment, Power Products can supply
custom labels for select audio accessories. Our process is highly flexible, allowing us to
prepare labels for almost any quantity. Because our artwork is prepared and printed
professionally, we do require extra lead time to get the order shipped.

Contact marketing for more information!





NiCD Types:   (1) One Year, Workmanship and Performance

NIMH Types:  (1) One Year, Workmanship and Performance.

Li-Ion Types: (1) One Year, Workmanship and Performance.

PolyMax HPC Batteries: (24) Months for Capacity, (24) Months for Materials and Workmanship.

Chargers: (1) One Year, Workmanship and materials. Note, these are Quad Chemistry units that will charge NiCD, NIMH, Li-Ion, Li-PO Batteries! The best we offer.


If any CriticalBattery fails to deliver at least 80% capacity during the Warranty period, it will be replaced at No Cost to You!

If any CriticalBattery fails due to workmanship during the Warranty Period, it will be replaced at No Cost to You!

We stand behind these new Products 100%.

Try One, You will never go back to over priced O.E.M packs or Ill fitting/performing aftermarket replacements.

Our New Chemistry, PolyMax HPC Cells, will out perform all of our previous offerings.


Dealer Pricing is Available.

Quantity Pricing is Available.

Many of our Premium Packs are also Available on Amazon, Just copy/paste the link on the page to your browser.

Public Safety PO's are welcome as is our Order Form. Just E-mail it back to us.

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