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Catalog and Data Sheets for 2024



Motorola APX 4000 XPR 3500 Li-Po C4493LIPIC.pdf

Motorola APX4000 2500 mAh C4409LIIC.pdf

Motorola APX4000 3500 mAh C4493LIIC.pdf

APX 6000 7000 8000 High Power 4800 mAh C4486LIIC-48.pdf

APX 6000 7000 8000 High Power 5100 mAh CX4487LIPIC.pdf

APX 6000 7000 8000 Standard 3400 mAh CM4486LIPIC.pdf

Motorola R7 3000 mAh C4809LI

Motorola HT1250 P/N C9008.pdf

Motorola HT1250 P/N C9008H.pdf

Motorola HT1250 P/N C9009HX.pdf


Bendix King / RELM Gen-2

BK-Gen-2 3600 mAh Li-Ion C0101LIXT.pdf

BK-Gen-2 4100 mAh Li-Po C0101LIP-41.pdf



Harris - XL - 5000 mAh - CPA4KLI-S.pdf

XL-185Pi - XL-200Pi IS Battery Data Sheet - KC.pdf

XL-185Pi - XL-200Pi IS Flyer - KC.pdf




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Product Catalogs

Catalog - BK-Gen 2 KNG Radio 2023.pdf

Catalog - BK-RELM (KNG-DPH) Series Radios 2023.pdf

Catalog - L3Harris_XG-75P 2023.pdf

Polymax HPC Sheet - 2023.pdf

Catalog - XL200P Harris Radio.pdf

Catalog - XPR-3000_2023.pdf

Catalog - XPR-6300 6500 2023.pdf

Catalog - XTS-2500_2023.pdf

Catalog - XTS-3000_2023.pdf

Catalog_-_Motorola_APX_1000_2000_3000_4000 2023.pdf


Data Sheets/Catalog_-_Motorola_XPR_6300_6500_2023.pdf

Pager Batteries Mini Catalog - KC.pdf


NX-3000 Catalog 8-page brochure.pdf


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Endura & EVC Chargers




EVC BK2 Flyer.pdf

EVC User Manual.pdf


EVC-EF2 (MT13) Viking VP900, XTS2500 Flyer.pdf

EVC-HA3-Flyer-V2 - Keith.pdf

EVC-KW4 VP6000 Flyer.pdf

EVC-MT19_APX 6000/8000 brochure.pdf

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Leather And Nylon Radio Holsters and Accessories

Full Catalog

Contact Us for a Quotation


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Endura / Power Products FOCS Chargers

FOCS-Charging-Case-Flyer - KC.pdf

FOCS2-12-xx - KC.pdf

FOCS2-24-xx - KC.pdf


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Endura Audio



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USB Batteries (Built in Charger)



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Intrinsically Safe Batteries



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Motorola Pager Batteries

Pager Batteries Mini Catalog - KC.pdf


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Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone

ESM 50 Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone Flyer.pdf


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Misc. Data Sheets

Polymax HPC Sheet.pdf

SmartBatteries 2023 Sheet.pdf

Vehicle Chargers Flier.pdf


Notes: In this economy, all pricing is subject to change.

Everything on the site is up to date but we recommend that you call or e-mail for a quotation.

All Public Safety Agencies will be offered N-30 Terms. Your Credit Cards are also welcome.

Office: 603-425-9876

e-mail: keith@criticalbattery.com


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