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Two-Way Radio Battery Chargers

Communications - Two Way Radio:


OK, you have spent the long buck on the New Lithium Polymer Batteries for your Departments critical portable radios. You use the new batteries but the results are disappointing. Look at your charger. Is it rated for Li-Polymer battery packs? If not you need to look at our Endura line of precision radio battery chargers. Technology changes, if you expect two to three times the performance of the new lightweight Lithium Polymer packs then it's time to upgrade the Chargers.

If you have OEM Motorola Chargers, Look on the bottom of the Charger for the "C" Number. It must be Version 3.4 or Higher to Handle LiPo Chemistry.





ENDURA Radio Chargers are the Last Charger you will Ever Need!

Embrace Li-Polymer Batteries. Double and Triple Your Performance!


New EVC Models

Data Sheets

Motorola APX6000 / APX6000XE / APX8000 / APX8000 / SRX2200 / Special Order: APX7000 / APX7000XE, Part Number EVC-MT-19

Motorola MT1500 / PR1500 / XTS1500 / XTS3000 / XTS3500 / Cosmo / EF Johnson Viking VP400 / VP600 / VP900 / also the 5100 Series / 51SLES / Ascend ES, Part Number EVC-MT13

Kenwood NX-300 / NX-5000 / VP5000 / VP6000, Part Number EVC-KW4

Bendix King BKR5000, Part Number EV3-BK3

Harris (L3 Harris) XL-150P / XL-185P / XL-185Pi / XL-200P / XL-200Pi, Part Number EVC-HA3

EV3 User Manual

EVC Video


EVC Single Model with USB Port, $179.80

EVC 4 Radio Model $1057.05



EC1 Single Cup, 120 VAC, $52.05

(Charger and Power Supply)

EC Charger Video:

User Manual


EC1M Single Cup, 12 VDC, $68.20

(Charger, Mobile Mount Plate and 12VDC Power Cord)

User Manual


EC2 Dual Cup, 120 VAC, $95.70

(Charger and Power Supply)

User Manual


EC6 6 Cup, 120 VAC, $362.50

(Charger, Power Supply, AC Power Cord)

User Manual


EC6 12 Cup, 120 VAC, $645.25

(Charger, Power Supply, AC Power Cord)

User Manual


These Packages are custom built to order

Please E-mail us for a quote




Single Cup Mobile Mounting Bracket, $24.00

(Supplied with Single Mobile Charger Package)


Dual Cup Mobile Mounting Bracket, $32.00

(Supplied with Dual Mobile Charger Packages)


6 or 12 Cup Mobile Mounting Bracket, $85.00

(Supplied with 6 or 12 Cup Mobile Charger Packages)


Hard Wire Kit for all Models, $26.00

(Optional for the Single or Dual Cup Chargers, Supplied with the 6 or 12 Cup Mobile Models)



DC Power Cord for 1, 2, and 6 Cup Models, $27.00

(Optional for the AC Models, Supplied with single and dual Mobile Chargers)



Replacement Single Charger Cup, $18.00

Note: All "EC" chargers have replaceable cups. Your Charger will never be obsolete.




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