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Frequently Asked Questions

bulletWhy don't you have a shopping cart for instant On-Line purchases?

A: We encourage you to contact us and tell us exactly what you need. There are thousands of possibilities out there for batteries and on this site there may be several manufactures that make the pack for your equipment. After speaking with you and finding out exactly what you require we will be able to make the best recommendation to you. This is a lot better than having to return the incorrect part! Call Us. Humans will answer.

bulletCan I rebuild my Laptop Battery:

A: No, we can no longer support those batteries.

bulletWhy are some rebuilds as expensive as new packs?

A: Rebuilding is a last resort. It's labor intensive and the cells to rebuild older packs may not be readily available.

bulletShould I rebuild my tool pack or go to the hardware store and buy another original equipment pack?

A: In the tool line we can do a better job rebuilding your battery for higher performance than you can do buy buying a new pack. We use the highest grade Premium Grade battery cells to rebuild your pack at our USA facility. Your rebuilt tool battery will run longer and last longer than the OEM pack. If you are only looking for the least expensive pack you can get, we will sell you an OEM equal pack. If your done using weak batteries, try the rebuild, you will never go back.

bulletDo you sell the Lithium Rechargeable cells so I can rebuild my own packs?

A: No. Handling Lithium batteries requires a special license in the United States. If you incorrectly try to charge these type cells without the proper protection electronics, the lithium cells can explode violently! I can sell you NiCD and NIMH cells of all sizes but not Li-Ion. Limited Li-Ion rebuilds are only done at our licensed USA plant. See DELL's & Apple's recall this year!

bulletDo You Export?

A: Yes, we export our batteries world wide. Our communications packs are in the radios of the United States military and all of our Allies World Wide. As a matter of fact we export all of our communications products from radio batteries to communications towers and equipment.

bulletWhy are their so many similar batteries offered?

A:  We represent many different battery manufacturers. In most cases we can recommend from experience which batteries are the best for your particular application and which ones are the best value for the dollars. When you ask us to bid on 2000 packs for your military operations we consider that differently than we would if you were looking for one piece of the most inexpensive pack available. Go back to the first question. Call Us.

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