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About Us:

Keith S. Clark, d.b.a. Sandown Wireless

    Sandown Wireless is the Registered Trade Name of Keith S. Clark & Associates. We are located in the Northeast USA in the great State if New Hampshire. New Hampshire is known as the "Live Free or Die" State and is a perfect place to be in business. NO Sales tax and NO Income Tax has made New Hampshire a very competitive environment to function in. I'm personally retired from the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department where I served as the Department's Communications Technician for 20 years. I decided to go out on my own and put my Communications experience to better advantage. I am also known by my "Ham" radio call sign WA1HZK. Hey, maybe I'll hear some of you on the air sometime?

     For the last seven years I have been in the Radio Communications Consulting and Equipment Supply business. I have an extensive background in the battery business previous to my government years and now partner with several USA & Export manufacturers to bring you the best quality batteries and communications products the industry has to offer. From portable Radios, Batteries & Accessories to custom built Communications Radio & TV sites & towers, we do it all. Check our link sites for more details.

    On this Criticalbattery site you will find no "On-Line" ordering. I encourage my customers to call me and talk to another human being about exactly what part they are looking for. This personal touch ensures that what you get the first time is going to be exactly what you need to do the job. If you know what you want then just print out the order form and either fax or e-mail it to us for processing. If we think you have made a mistake, we will still call to talk over your project. We are factory distributors and as such I drop ship 100% fresh batteries & accessories direct from the manufacturer to you usually the same day you order.

    We also specialize in exporting all of our products anywhere on the planet. If you need a skid of batteries shipped to Jordan or a radio tower delivered to Baghdad, we are your guys! Just give us a chance to quote. You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to do business with us.

You Will Be A Satisfied Customer, I Guarantee It!

Keith S. Clark


Sandown Wireless


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Sandown Wireless

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