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Most Popular Covert Headsets for the Motorola APX / XPR Series Portable Radios

New Factory shipped product. These are the highest grade Military Quality Kits available. These come in Silver, Gold and Platinum versions. We are only listing the Platinum version for our Military and Public Safety customers. If you are looking for the economy units, see the other products in the "for More Information" Links.

One Wire System                                   Two Wire System                              Three Wire System


Surveillance Kits Motorola Digital APX / XPR

Surveillance Kits Motorola Digital XTS




Note: These pages are under construction. We also have the 2 and 3 wire systems. Just E-mail us for a quote. We carry versions of these covert accessories for ALL Makes & Models of Two-Way Portable Radios. Including 1-Wire covert, 2-Wire Covert, 3-Wire Covert, Speaker Microphones, Headsets, Bone Induction Microphones, Throat Microphones and Finger Ring PTT adapters for the Bone Induction Microphones.

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