The Facts about Our Premium Grade Batteries and Chargers.


*       We maintain an extensive inventory of batteries for Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, Hytera, Icom, Midland, Relm / BK, Vertex Standard, and other popular radios.

*       Every product we stock meets strict standards for quality, and we back our products with a strong, no-hassle warranty. You always receive Factory-Fresh stock.

*       Our batteries incorporate top grade cells and components, provide superior performance, and are priced much lower than comparable OEM versions.  (See below for additional details.)

*       We offer Endura & Impact brand chargers with desktop, in-vehicle, and multi-unit models available for most popular radios. Endura or Impact brand chargers are proven in the field, cost effective, and uniquely featured.

*       We offer Logic in-vehicle chargers, ultra-rugged products with category-leading design features. 

*       Our distribution facility is located just outside of Atlanta, a major transportation hub for U.S. and international markets. Orders placed with Sandown Wireless can reach customers quickly and efficiently.  We ship most orders within 24 hours of receipt.


Why Sandown Wireless Brand from Power Products?


*       Most of our batteries feature Japanese cells. These cells provide outstanding performance and longer battery life. In addition, our batteries incorporate specialized circuitry for over current, over temperature, and over discharge protection.

*       The designs of our battery housings precisely match the dimensions of the OEM battery; they are compatible with the appearance and measurements required for excellent fit on the radio. 

*       Our batteries are fully compatible with standard OEM chargers. These are always factory fresh stock. No old surplus is offered.

*       Our housings are made from a high grade ABS plastic that is comparable to the plastic used by most OEMs and superior to the plastic used by many aftermarket suppliers.  When housings are produced, samples are tested in four ways.  First, there is the “hammer test” where the plastics are aggressively struck with a hammer; if the plastics easily crack (plastics too brittle), the lot is rejected.  Second, housings are measured and compared to the design drawings; the samples must match.  Third, the housings are assembled into finished packs and checked on a radio for fit and appearance; the battery pack must attach and latch correctly, and meet appearance criteria.  And fourth, the battery packs are subjected to a drop test on six sides; there can be no breakage or cracking.

*       In terms of durability (ability to withstand breakage from dropping and vibration), our battery packs are among the best in the industry, and this includes OEM batteries.  Internal components and cells are secured with silicone adhesive, flex boards are used when needed, and housings are ultrasonically welded.

*       Our battery contacts are gold plated.  This reduces corrosion, creates less resistance, and improves appearance.

*       Our batteries for Motorola radios include a clip (where required) at no additional charge.

Because of our design and fabrication process, as well as cell type and component selection, Sandown Wireless / Multiplier batteries enjoy a well-earned reputation for performance and reliability.

Also Available, USA Made Packs from W&W.

bullet W & W Manufacturing Company is a leading USA manufacturer of replacement batteries, battery chargers, and battery analyzers for Two-Way radios, Bar Code Scanners, Camcorders, Cellular Phones, and Laptop Computers.