Re: OEM Manufacturers Warranty with After Market Batteries

The following document has been issued by Multiplier in reference to their batteries supposedly causing the warranty of OEM radio equipment manufacturers to become void if you use their after market brand batteries. It is the policy of Sandown Wireless to stand behind this and to further offer the same protection on all of our after market batteries. Use of aftermarket batteries and accessories WILL NOT void your warranty. If you are told this, please have them put it in writing, sign it and forward it to us. We would like to have one of these scare documents for our legal department.


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It has come to Multiplierís attention that Original Equipment Manufacturers may be verbally amplifying their written warranty policies by stating that the warranty on their phones or radios may be voided if an aftermarket battery is used on their product. Multiplier finds this type of selling and scare tactics to be purposefully misleading and an unfair trade practice. 

Such a refusal of warranty service is an unlawful restraint of trade and is prohibited under the Sherman Act as well as other anti-trust laws and fair trade acts. An Original Equipment Manufacturer may not deny warranty service to a consumer based upon the consumerís use of any aftermarket accessory. 

Multiplier takes this opportunity to restate its position to its customers: Although our products have never been found to have damaged a piece of original equipment, Multiplier will immediately repair or replace any cellular phone, PCS handset, or portable PMR device that is found to have been damaged by a Multiplier battery at no cost to the user. 

In addition, should an Original Equipment Manufacturer deny warranty service to a user, carrier, distributor, dealer, or retailer, stating in writing that a voidance of warranty is due exclusively to the use of a Multiplier product, Multiplier will immediately repair or replace the equipment at no cost to the user, provided that the manufacturerís written denial of warranty is provided to Multiplier.  

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