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I recommend you just send me an E-mail direct to my office.

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Your Address, shipping and billing if they are different. I need this to calculate shipping.

The make and model of the equipment you need a battery for.

Please include the battery P/N you have now.

If you have the Voltage and mAh of your existing battery pack, include that.

We can still rebuild most obsolete Battery types. Postal regulations are very demanding on this. Look up the rules before you ship.

Generally USPS Flat Rate Boxes work good for NiCD & NIMH types. Li-Ion and Li-Po types can ship but require special labels. Consult the Post Office for current regulations.

If you need to talk to us, call the office: 603-425-9876

We will find your batteries, and offer a competitive price. We specialize in Business, Public Safety and Military needs. We export world wide.

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