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New Product Announcement, Motorola Endura Quad-Chemistry

Two-Way Radio Battery Chargers

(Single & Dual Pocket Models)

These Chargers will handle our new line of Impact Power Technologies Lithium-Polymer Batteries!

Maximum Performance For Critical Lifesaving Jobs!

Charges everything you use. NiCD, NIMH, Li-Ion & Li-Po!

These Chargers are available for All Makes and Models of Two-Way Radios!

They feature Dual Cups allowing 2 or 12 combinations of Radios or batteries to charge at the same time.

6-Cup 12-slot Charger can be configured with all the same cups or all different cups. Your Call.

The cups are replaceable so as you upgrade radios, you just swap the inexpensive cups, not the whole charger!

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New Li-Po Batteries!

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