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Sandown Wireless, owner and operator of: &

Deals in equipment & supplies for rechargeable batteries.

Our Customers are mainly Business, Public Safety, Schools & Military.

From a Radio Battery to a 300 foot Self Supporting Tower, we have it all.

We have been in this business for many years and are experts on the subject of rechargeable batteries & accessories. This has allowed us to develop excellent business relationships with all of the  manufacturers we represent. We can generally buy equipment and supplies at the best possible pricing available so that we can offer attractive quantity dealer discounts on all of the products we carry.

If you have customers that require large amounts of batteries or Battery Charger/Analyzer equipment, Please contact us for a bid. We supply many city agencies thousands of batteries purchased through the local electrical suppliers and radio dealers that those customers have come to trust. Just tell us what you need, how many & where the order would ship. We ship to any location on the planet and are experienced in exporting to businesses & governments all over the globe. We accept PO's, Credit Cards & Bank Transfers.

Terms are available to approved accounts.

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We answer the phone with humans! No computer telephone systems here!

Sandown Wireless

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Government CCR# 129842774


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