Thermal Imaging Camera Batteries

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There are three popular manufacturers of Thermal Imaging Cameras available today. We have the batteries for most of the popular pieces of equipment used by Industry and Public Safety in the USA at this time. Our batteries are not OEM. We are offering W&W Batteries made in NY, USA. The most popular batteries required are listed below. If you do not see your battery call us at 603-974-0725. If you use any of our batteries listed and have had any problems whatsoever please contact us or W&W right away. This is a critical use battery and we would not want our customers to have issues with these packs in order to save just a few dollars.

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Price Drop on these USA Made Packs as of 2/11

For the FLIR Units:

The common Battery is the (Old P/N HC-093AM(S)-FNB29(S)M), 7.2 Volts, 4000 mAh.

New Part Number, WWH-FNB29S, 7.2 Volts, 4000 mAh.

Cost: $48.92

Note: Compare your battery to the picture above. Some of the newer cameras use other batteries. We are working on those so please give us a call.

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For The Bullard Units:

The common battery is the (Old P/N HC-060YM-5521M), 9.6 Volts, 2150 mAh

Order New P/N WWH-NTN5521A, 9.6 Volts, 2150 mAh

Cost: $37.74


Also Check out our New Public Safety Page for Premium Batteries

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Recommended Base Chargers Model UC-1, UC-6

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Recommended Mobile/Base Chargers

Impact Single, 3-Bay & 6-Bay Mobile Chargers

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Recommended Battery Analyzers, Analyzer 1A, 3A, 6A

Single Bay   Three Bay   Six Bay

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